The Press Release

The Press Release.1The press release is an essential tool in an organization’s media relations. And developing strong media relations and press release writing is an ongoing task.

Familiarity with important elements of structure and  news writing will aid in crafting strongly-written press releases. Utilizing reporter’s tools, such as The Associated Press Stylebook, Guide to News Writing and The Elements of Style, will also help along the way.

Remember to review the newsworthy angles highlighted in the handout before writing. And be sure the five w’s of a news story are covered in the press release.

And, always edit. Never send out a press release without checking and double-checking all the information. Make sure phone numbers are accurate and names are spelled correctly. Always have at least one other person read it over as well.

Press releases will vary depending on information released and what media are on the receiving end, but they should always reflect accuracy and clarity.

E-mail if you missed the presentation and would like copies of the handouts.

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