Funding to Be Inspired?

How Inspirational is that?!

After learning the stories of past local recipients, we’re excited to remind you of a unique local opportunity for renewal, learning and inspiration presented by the Foellinger Foundation:

“There is no substitute for inspiration.”

“The job of a nonprofit leader – perhaps the most important job – is to inspire others to help fulfill the organization’s mission. But who inspires the leaders? That question led the Foellinger Foundation to invest in a new type of grant opportunity, called Inspire. The intent is to provide nonprofit leaders (board members, executive directors, and senior staff) with opportunities to reflect on their work and renew their passions and creativity. The lessons learned from these opportunities are then applied to make the organization more effective over the long term.

  • The availability of the INSPIRE grants will be announced annually in June, and grant applications will be due on the first Friday in September. Grant decisions will be reported by November
  • Grants are for two-year project support beginning the calendar year following approval.
  • Grants will made in two phases: The Inspire Phase (up to $15,000) during the first year; and the Action Phase”

Inspired to learn more?

And finally, take a few minutes to watch Foellinger President, Cheryl Taylor, discuss the Inspire Grant opportunity, along with other unique Foellinger opportunities, including, The Strengthening Organizations Grant and the Rolfson Stewardship Award.

We’re inspired by the work you do – and hope you consider the opportunity for renewing your own inspiration to work.

– Lettie

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