Nominate Your “Connectors” as the Most Influential in Our Area

The Connector Project

In partnership with IPFW, Leadership Fort Wayne and the Journal Gazette wants to know:  Who should be on a list of 101 top “Connectors” in our area?

As noted in the January 9 Journal Gazette article, Who are the most influential in region? Help decide!, “The term connector comes from Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point,” where the author describes three personality types, including Connectors, who work across networks to make connections between people, resources and give of themselves to improve their communities.

Click on the image of The Tipping Point to go to the Allen County Public Library Catalog to place a hold.

Leadership Fort Wayne’s Connector Project site offers the following details about the project:

“Nominate up to four individuals you see as a “go to” person in the Education, Business and Corporate, Faith-Based, Government, Civic, Arts, Social Service, Nonprofit and Small Business worlds of our community. Nominate people you see as successful at getting things done, due to their unique style and characteristics. Connectors are trusted and accountable Individuals. Connectors have a strong network and are willing to connect with others and connect others to one another.

Carefully consider the following questions as the basis for making your nomination selections. Indicate which sector of the community each nominee represents (Education, Business and Corporate, Faith-Based, Government, Civic, Arts, Social Service, Nonprofit and Small Business,) and include their contact information.

  • Who is innovative and brings big picture ideas to projects?
  • Who has expertise or expert knowledge to turn great ideas into reality?
  • Who has integrity, concern for the common good and the guts to help get things done?
  • Who is effective at implementing and would roll up their sleeves to see a project through with you to the end?
  • Who would you depend on to bring together and wisely coordinate resources to meet challenges?
  • Who in your neighborhood or local community could you depend on to make the area the best in the Midwest?
  • Who would you go to outside your own race, class, social circle, gender, religion or age group?”

Go to the Leadership Fort Wayne Connector Project to complete a nomination form.

Who are your organization’s Connectors?

– Lettie

***Update, with many thanks to local nonprofit professional, Amber Recker, for inquiring: Nominations will be accepted through Feb. 27.***

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