Microvolunteering with Sparked.com

Curious about the shape Microvolunteering is taking? We (briefly) introduced you to the Extraordinaries in July 2009, when they caught the eye, er ear, of NPR who produced this story on the potential of both microvolunteering and The Extraordinairies.

After piloting the project through their group, the Extraordinaries, we’re pleased to remind you about their work and to introduce you to the launch of their platform (available as a mobile app): Sparked.

What is Sparked?

Sparked is the world’s first micro-volunteering network.

Most of us live incredibly busy lives. With 60 hour work-weeks, kids, running errands, and the stress of everything else, it’s difficult to take an entire day off to volunteer. But, we do have spare time. Every single day, we spend nearly 400 million hours on Facebook and we watch over two billion Youtube videos. What if we could complete a useful volunteer activity in that same time?

Busy people use Sparked to give back when it’s convenient.

Sparked makes it easy for people with busy lives to help nonprofits get valuable work done when it’s convenient. We call it micro-volunteering. Through the convenience of the Internet, and with the collaboration of others, micro-volunteers use their professional skills to help causes they care about.” – https://www.sparked.com/about

  • Read more about MicroVolunteering and Sparked at the Sparked blog

What does Sparked have to do with volunteer work in Northeast Indiana? You tell us. Leave a comment below about how this might change the way your organization engages volunteers. What are your thoughts about Sparked and efforts like it?

– Lettie


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