A nonprofit’s newsletter has long been the vehicle for sharing stories about clients; introducing board members; announcing upcoming events; and thanking donors. Now many organizations may be wondering if an e-newsletter is a better marketing tool for their nonprofit.

This month’s 23 @ 4 presentation E-Newsletters covered:

  • whether or not to e-news
  • comparing options available
  • how to choose, and
  • tips for use.

Watch the video on what one patron had to say about the presentation.

Though the program focused on e-news providers online resources were also given for software options.  Major differences between the two vehicles are:

  • Reporting features
    • Software – very few and basic
    • Online – numerous and detailed showing real-time results
  • Cost
    • Software – a one-time purchase & possible license fee for use
    • Online – can be based on number of messages sent per month, or based on the size of the contact list
  • System Requirements
    • Software – dependent on agency’s SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) an internet standard for electronic mail transmission across Internet Protocol networks
    • Online providers – only need an internet connection

An Email Service Providers chart by Top Ten Reviews compares 14 online providers and 10 software options.

In preparing for this program PCNRC staff tested six other online e-news providers. Since the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center has been using Constant Contact for five years, staff did not take the various tutorials available for the trials we conducted, but we highly recommend them to anyone new to using these online tools.

A Few Good Broadcast Email Tools article from Idealware covers tools you already have; those that are inexpensive and straightforward; several online mass-marketing tools; how to decide and much more.

Click the image to download the PowerPoint presentation.



2 thoughts on “E-newsletters

  1. Thank you for this post. I was unable to attend your session on e-newsletter due to a death in my family, but the information and links you have provided here will make choosing a service to use much easier. I cannot thank you enough.


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