Prospect Research? Wanna Know About NOZA?

Have you been in to use our newest online database? Come check out NOZA!

NOZASearch is the world’s largest database of charitable donations, containing records of 1,481,780  charitable foundations and 47,787,569 people and companies.

Use it to research the charitable giving of your donors and prospects, or find new individual, corporate or foundation donors.

We’re offering the database for the first time ever – and curious to know what you think.

Some of your fundraising peers have told us that NOZASearch adds to their knowledge base for donor prospecting and has given them leads to begin to pursue.

Others like that it is easy to use and have learned it simply by sitting down and starting.

All of the folks who have used it say they love having free access – and we wanted to spread the word. Come in and try it out.

New to prospect research? Check out a handful of NOZA’s online resources:

– Lettie

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