Mission-Based Marketing:

Positioning Your Not-for-Profit in an Increasingly Competitive World, 3rd Edition

by Peter C. Brinckerhoff

This Third Edition provides hands-on guidance to marketing for nonprofits. The book is divided into two major areas: philosophy of marketing in relation to nonprofit mission and technical aspects in relation to nonprofit mission.  It is updated with some new examples and additional discussion questions, but its most significant update is the added chapter on technology.

Brinckerhoff guarantees his readers will be rewarded with the following benefits:

  • An understanding of why marketing is so crucial to being an effective mission-based organization
  • An understanding of why marketing is so important to your continued competitiveness in every aspect of your nonprofit
  • A new insight on what the marketing cycle is and how your existing and future services and customers fit into it
  • A series of methods to help you and your staff treat everyone like a valued customer
  • A clear understanding of the difference between needs and wants, which is critical to a successful mission-based organization
  • Ways to embrace technology in your marketing efforts at all levels of the organization
  • Read more in Excerpt 1

Audience: Nonprofit communications directors, marketing managers, nonprofit executives, directors, and CEOs and fundraising professionals.

Click on the book to go to the ACPL catalog and place a hold.

Located in the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. 658.8 B77MI, 2010


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