You Review: Steve Linsenmayer reviews “How To Find And Cultivate Donors” on DVD

Is it possible for one set of DVDs to hold all of the answers to your fundraising questions?

Probably not, but “How To Find And Cultivate Donors” from Movie Mondays Fundraising Film Festival, (deep breath,) comes close. Easy to listen to and engaging. These are sit-down, conversational, bite-sized interview segments with a variety of fundraising professionals offering conversational advice on a whole bunch of topics.

Define ‘bunch’? How about:

  • Building trust with donors
  • Meeting etiquette
  • Approaching the donor
  • Why donors give
  • Finding trusted advisors

…and about 51 other topics, on this set alone. Buy it today. Oh, wait. Check it out instead, at least to give it a once over.

This is motivational stuff. Donor relations are not brain surgery, but they are worth some thoughtful attention throughout the process. This set is useful for staff and board training and general inspiration, whether you are experienced in the donor-cultivation world or are just entering it, (as I am).

Steve LinsenmayerSteve Linsenmayer is Development Director with the Embassy Theatre

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