How can and why should your organization encourage voter participation?

Allow us to introduce, NonprofitVOTE, a one-stop resource with reliable answers to questions about, “How to Stay Nonpartisan,” and “Why would your nonprofit want to help your staff, board, volunteers, clients and constituents vote?

  • Download, Order, or View a Voter Participation Starter Kit (View here, order or download from the slider box on the homepage)
  • 501c3 Permissible Activities
  • Federal Funds and Voter Participation and more

Who is behind NonprofitVOTE? Founded in 2005, The Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network (NVEN) partners with America’s nonprofits to help the people they serve participate and vote. NonprofitVOTE partners and advisory council members consist of many state nonprofit associations and nationally recognized organizations, including Michigan Nonprofit Association,  Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Independent Sector, The National Council of Nonprofits, National Civic League and more.

With many thanks to Kalamazoo Public Library’s ONEPlace whose newsletter brought NonprofitVOTE to our attention

– Lettie

2 thoughts on “NonprofitVOTE

    • Glad to hear that this information is of use to the League of Women Voters, Nancy. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.
      Thanks for sharing!


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