Care for a Resource Roundup?

We’ve stopped giving you resource roundups, thinking that too much useful information might be getting buried in one post. Perhaps not. Perhaps you like this rapid-fire delivery or resources and information that we come across and share? Let us know in the comments below – to roundup resources or dole them out slowly?

Today we’re offering info and resources on: Fundraising, Statistics, IRS Compliance and Professional Development

From Funding Change Training and Consulting’s Tina Cincotti, this ten page PDF walks you through the process with charts and tools that you can apply to your work immediately.

From the Urban Institute, this eight page PDF gives the latest available information on the number of 501(c)3’s, their private funding, and volunteering. This 2010 annual report released September 1.

A September 15, 2010 NonProfit Times article by Mark Hrywna detailing, “an accounting tidal wave in 2012 as a provision in this past spring’s healthcare reform bill could exponentially increase paperwork.” According to Hrywna, the provision means that,

‘All companies, including nonprofits, would be required to send a Form 1099-MISC not only to independent contractors as they have in the past, but also to vendors with which they spend at least $600 on goods and supplies during the year.”

This service caught our librarian eyes when a local funder pointed out that our community’s own Mike Stone’s article on Common Sense Evaluation is featured at CausePlanet.

What is Page to Practice? We had to try it and we thought you might like it enough it enough to subscribe even with a $10 monthly fee. Simply sign up for the service and their readers will email you an easy to read report including a quick paragraph synopsis, and few page executive summary, an author interview and notable quotes.  Register for free sample to see if this service will be valuable to you and your organization.

And let us know. Do you like the Resource Roundup post?

– Lettie

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