Nonprofit Board Tools & Resources

September 23 @ 4 Program
Click to download PowerPoint show

The PCNRC September 23@ 4 program focused on tools and resources for the nonprofit board.  While there are many areas of nonprofit management that could have been covered, this month’s program chose the following topics:

  • Policies
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Board Development & Governance
  • Hiring a CEO
  • Project Management

Tools included policy statements for conflicts of interest and code of ethics; Board member job descriptions; agreements, recommitment forms, recruitment and diversity charts.

In the fundraising category there are tools for the dashboard including a pie-chart template; a gift, or donation chart; and a thermometer chart which automatically displays percentages using your own numbers.  Look to the comparison chart on the Advantages and Disadvantages of different fundraising sources, and a grid for choosing prospective funding partners.

Two excellent tools available online for evaluating tech-savvy communications are at Tech Soup & NPower Seattle, and strategic planning of communications at

For Board Development you’ll find board grids; a guide for Building Your Nonprofit Board: The Power of the Nominating Process; Board Action Plan; sample candidate applications and a template for aninformation sheet for initial contact with prospective board members from Nathan Garber & Associates.

Although published in 2000 this Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Nonprofit Director is worth viewing. The 12 page document walks the board of directors through the process and contains questions and guides.   Another great online resource for Executive Transitions comes from the United Way of King County in Seattle, Washington. is a free management library which provides numerous resources, templates and examples for nonprofits. Carter McNamara’s many years of experience in the sector can be seen in the multitude of useful tools found on this site.

If you are seeking resources for problem solving, decision making, time and project management explore Mindtools.

Useful information, samples and templates can be found on several state nonprofit association websites.  Favorites of the PCNRC are:


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