After the Grant:

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Good Stewardship

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded grant funding! Now what?

This question comes up frequently at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center – usually in our Grant Basics II class, where professionals are uncertain and curious about the process of grantwriting and how it plays out should funds be awarded.

Written by expert fundraisers and foundation staff, the chapters in this guide are “based on the premise that the receipt of grant funds is just the beginning, and that often a grant from a foundation, if managed properly, can lead to a long and fruitful relationship with that funder.” – Judith Margolin, from the introduction

Click on the image of the book to go to the ACPL Catalog to place a hold.

Finally, here’s a text, written by the pros, devoted to shedding light on the very tangible meaning of creating a good relationship with a funder. 

After the Grant includes chapters on:

  • The Grant Award Letter, with multiple samples and the consequences of noncompliance
  • Managing the Grant, including tools for defining roles, processing and coding the grant, recognizing the donor, and a sample grants management calendar
  • The Grant Report, featuring samples, trends, smart practices, pet peeves, and further resources
  • The Next Grant, focusing on communication, a results-based approach and future opportunities and challenges
  • The Grantmaker/Grantee Partnership, covers seeking clarification of expectations, understanding your grantmaker, and what if we fail?

After the Grant concludes with case studies on successful partnerships, and appendices that include: Author bios and Troubleshooting Q and A’s such as, “What if the grant year is over, but the full grant amount has not yet been spent?”

If you’re looking for an informative read on the what happens After the Grant, this book fits your needs, whether you’re a novice grantseeker or established professional grantwriter. We’re certain you’ll find useful tools and information here.

Click on the image of the book to go to the ACPL Catalog to place a hold.

Have other proposal writing questions? I’m happy to help find you resources for good, helpful answers!
– Lettie

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