Board Tools & Resources: Our September 23@4

Don’t re-invent forms, grids or charts … get the sources at this month’s 23 @ 4 program.  Bring your own special form to share!

September 23, 4:00 p.m.
Meeting Room B

Looking for a board grid or a board member agreement?

Why reinvent forms when we’ve got resources and tools to help your board run more effectively?! This month’s 23@4 will surely provide you with at least one new idea! — and we invite you to share any document you’ve created that has been successful for your organization.

Register at the ACPL Event Calendar.

Come and discover how these simple tools can improve board effectiveness and governance!

Picture for your visual enjoyment only. We only wish we had chocolate tools.

The 23@4 series features a 1-hour program, starting at 4 pm, in every month when the 23rd falls during the week.  23@4 programs cover references and resources for your use or further study.

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