Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference

The Amazing Race: Prepare, Measure, Succeed

The Indiana Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference co-hosted by: the Center on Philanthropy at IU, Indiana Attorney General’s Office, Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, Nonprofit Solutions Initiative, SAVI,  and United Way of Central Indiana’s Nonprofit Training Center will be held on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, at the Indiana Government Center South, downtown Indianapolis.

The goals of the 2010 Capacity Building Conference are to:

  • Provide participants with new ideas and innovative ways of doing business;
  • Provide practical information that participants can use immediately; and
  • Provide participants with opportunities for networking.

This year’s conference theme is The Amazing Race: Prepare, Measure, Succeed. How can organizations and communities be more proactive?  Conference workshops will teach how organizations can better:

  • PREPARE (through more effective planning, program management, and needs assessments, for example.)
  • MEASURE (by being accountable for their impact by defining their goals and measuring their progress and successes), and
  • SUCCEED (and sharing their real world strategies, solutions, and success stories with others).

WHO: The Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference is tailored to executives, program staff, board members, and consultants in the nonprofit industry, neighborhood and civic leaders, planners, evaluators, and grant writers. Workshops and special presentations will be delivered by organizations who support nonprofits, organizations that will share their success stories, and by leading professionals in the field.

WHAT: The Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference will present solutions, tools and resources for nonprofit and community-based organizations to boost revenue, remain relevant, adapt to the demanding economic and societal climate changes and stay financially afloat.

This conference offers opportunities for participants to network, interact, and learn from peers and experts strategies for improving their organizations’ and communities’ capacity to be more proactive and prepare, measure, and succeed.

WHEN: October 12, 2010

WHERE: Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis, Indiana

WHY: The conference will present participants with a wide array of resources, tools and strategies for ensuring the health of their organization and community for years to come.


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