Social Networking for Volunteer Coordinators

Click the image to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Wow! What a great group of professionals! We couldn’t ask for a more engaged audience – and for a conversation about Social Networking to hit all the right notes, folks have to chime in.

Many thanks to the NIAVA (Northeast Indiana Association of Volunteer Administrators) group for their enthusiasm, sharing, humor and healthy perspectives. I felt honored to facilitate your discussion and hope to keep learning from your experiences. You’re an inspiring group – thanks for your time!

We kicked off the training with an online survey to discover what our group was doing with Social Media and what their learning goals were for the program. This proved helpful in that it opened up discussion early, framing the conversation with learning goals, questions, concerns, and showing the range of feelings about and experience with social media. In fact, at this point, we threw the format for the program out the window (<1 hour presentation followed by 1 hour play time) and created an ongoing conversation structured around the slides above – emphasizing the participants’ needs foremost.

Click the image to download the PowerPoint presentation.

As I thanked the group for opening up the conversation and engaging in the material, they laughed and interjected that I would have had a hard time getting them to NOT engage. Perfect.

We shared many, many thoughts and experiences and learned that sharing this stuff is useful. The group had many Aha! moments, but frankly, they each brought them to the table. So many of the participants opened learning doors for their neighbor participants that my job seemed to be to just keep the conversation going. I hope, in fact, that this busy group of nonprofit professionals makes time to keep that conversation going – and to play.

Here are the learning resources we looked at today:

National and Community Service Resource Center: Web 2.0 and Social Media Landing page

Engaging Volunteers – Volunteer Match’s Blog

Thanks, again, NIAVA. Your love for learning is contagious. – Lettie


Oops! Forgot to add links to the handouts for those of you who weren’t able to attend.

How Can Volunteer Coordinators Help Their Organizations Become Networked Nonprofits? – Guest post by Robert J. Rosenthal, Director of Communications for VolunteerMatch, on Beth Kanter’s blog

Using Social Media in Your Volunteer Engagement Strategy by Joshua Fixler, an e-Volunteerism Training Design – 9 pages, free to subscribers, or $3

Social Media and the Gift Economy: Volunteerism in the Vanguard by Patrick Daniels, an e-Volunteerism Training Design – 8 pages, free to subscribers, or $3

We also handed out a chart I made last year outlining Web 2.0 tools for Nonprofits. Since I don’t have a digital copy and it needs updated, I believe I’ll do just that. Update it to share here on the Resource Page.

Thanks for visiting! How are you using social networking tools with your volunteers?

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