Thumbs Up For Our DVDs

Did you know the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center has DVDs available for your viewing pleasure?

Well, we do. And, we took the liberty of reviewing one for you.

Top 10 Movies for a Bad Economy Volume 1:  “How to Get More Donors, Strengthen Relationships and Thrive in a Down Economy “ (2009) is a production of 501 Videos, which specializes in informational DVDs focusing on fundraising and awareness for nonprofits.

The video (containing a single DVD approximately 50 minutes in length) is broken up into ten short sections about three to seven minutes long. Each offers nonprofit professionals’ views on issues faced in nonprofit fundraising, particularly during tough economic times, and their tips for coping.

The segments are relatively quick,  straightforward thoughts and tips from real-life  nonprofit professionals — including executive directors, development directors and fundraising professionals. They feature subjects like “How to Fundraise in a Bad Economy” and “Keeping Your Donors Engaged.” The clips are simply shot, with the professionals doing all the talking on the subject in documentary-style interview footage.

Though nothing presented on the DVD was totally groundbreaking or profound,  it seems like it would be a great starting-point for someone just entering the nonprofit sector (or more specifically in fundraising).

Also, some  segments offered positive, encouraging viewpoints on an otherwise bleak economic climate, which would be good for just about anyone – from the bottom up – to hear.

Let us know if you are interested in this DVD or would like to hear about other video offerings we have available.


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