It’s Wordle Time!

The newest Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center wordle:

What’s a wordle?

A Wordle is a visual representation of words. You could make a wordle using your organization’s mission, vision, programs and services to demonstrate what you’re all about in a fun way.

Wordle lets you choose your colors and play with the layout a little, meaning you can have fun rearranging the words that come up.

Or, you could do what we do, and have wordle select the words for you. Wordle allows you to enter your URL and draws the words directly from your page. In this way, our wordle is very much based on the work we do on this blog – Our Resource page, really.

Why Wordle? Why not? It’s easy. It’s fun. And if it’s based on the work you do,  it means something.

We did our first wordle at this time last year. Check it out.

I’ve seen some teachers use Wordle for group projects and some online programs have encouraged new participants to create their own biographical Wordles to introduce themselves.

How do you use wordle?

– Lettie

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