Collaboration: What Makes It Work

2nd Edition
A review of research literature on factors influencing successful collaboration
Featuring The Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory

Paul W. Mattessich, Ph.D., Marta Murray-Close, and Barbara R. Monsey, M.P.H.

Interested in collaboration? You need to know about The Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory, outlined in the this book. The Factors, research-based elements that influence the success of collaboration, are described in this easy to read manual. Instead of  a how-to approach based on the experiences of one individual or organization, this approach gives you a guide based on a review of the existing research.

This 2nd addition:

  • Reviews and summarizes the existing research literature on factors influencing the success of collaboration
  • Reports the results of the research literature review so that people who want to initiate or enhance a collaborative effort can benefit from the experience of others
  • Makes available practical tools that bridge the gap between research and practice

You may also be interested in the Wilder Foundation’s complimentary online resource:

  • Collaboration Factors Inventory: An Online tool to evaluate how your collaborative group is doing on the 20 Research Based Collaborative Factors. The survey takes 15 minutes to complete and can be shared with members of your collaboration.

Click on the book to go to the ACPL catalog to place a hold.

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