Hiring Your First Development Staff Member?

The GSA Network Experience: Steps to Hiring a First Development Staff Member, written by Ruth Herring and featured in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal‘s July-August 2010 issue, covers the groundwork necessary to make the hire a success. From information about advertising the position to reasonable expectations and the support needed for the new hire, the article clarifies the process.

Notably, the article discusses the two years worth of preparation that the GSA Network undertook in planning the new position, with the help of outside funding. The work involved training the board and the executive director on individual fundraising and development strategy.  Based on the organization’s understanding that fundraising comes from the top down, this approach meant that the new hire was fully supported and integrated into an established system with people who have laid a foundation to build upon.

The article is available for free as an online PDF, or in the Center in the July-August 2010 issue of Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

– Lettie

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