New Survey Reports on Recession’s Toll on Nonprofits

In a report titled, Recession Pressures on Nonprofit Jobs (17 pages, PDF), the Johns Hopkins University Listening Post Project reports on a survey of 526 organizations finding evidence of significant strain. According to the report, staff reductions vary across fields, with the arts taking the biggest hits and community economic development organizations or services for aging fairing better than average.

In addition to workforce reductions, the survey found that nonprofits have taken other actions that impact staff and their ability to deliver critical programs and services; they include “refining” job descriptions (49 percent), often a euphemism for assigning the responsibilities of laid-off staff to remaining employees; salary freezes (39 percent); waiting to fill new positions (36 percent); increasing staff hours (23 percent); cutting or reducing benefits (23 percent); increasing non-program work for program staff (12 percent); and wage reductions (12 percent).

Staff burnout, owing to increasing demands was reported as a major concern in the sector. To read the report details, including findings on the creative innovations nonprofits are using to cope with the economic pressures of the recession, click here.

The Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project is monitoring in a systematic and timely way what is happening to nonprofit organizations in the U.S. To learn more about the Listening Post Project, see the  findings or follow the Listening Post Project blog

Found via Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest article, Recession Continues to Exact Toll on Nonprofits, Survey Finds

– Lettie

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