Journal Gazette’s Focus on Nonprofits

Did you see the Journal-Gazette’s recent Focus issue on Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana: Nonprofits? We’ve got links ready for you below.

The Focus issue featured several articles on the nonprofit sector – and many quotes from local nonprofit leaders. Check out the links below for more information.

Non-profits improve us, our community

  • Written by David J. Bennett, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne.

“We value and support these types of organizations because we want our friends and neighbors – and people we don’t even know – to have access to those services. Because we have those services, all of our lives are enriched.” – Bennett

Foundations Refocus: Foreclosures, unemployment forced switch to meet basic human needs by Dan Stockman

  • Learn how national and local grantmakers have responded to the recession.

Boards must do homework

  • Our own Marilynn Fauth on choosing to serve on a board:

“Make sure your first reason for doing it is because you have a genuine passion and belief in the mission,” Fauth said. “You need to also understand it will require not only time but assistance with fundraising, and you’ll need to make a cash donation annually. … If (board members) won’t give, why should I?”

She also warned against joining boards that already have conflicts of interest in place, such as organizations where the executive director has family members on the board.

“If it smells funny, don’t do it,” Fauth said.

At too many non-profits, she said, the executive director makes all the decisions and the board simply ratifies them.

“Many boards have no clue; they automatically rubber-stamp and vote yes on their financial statements because they’re too embarrassed to say they don’t understand what it means,” Fauth said. “If you have a question, it is your obligation to ask it.”

Check group out before donating, experts say by Dan Stockman

  • Learn tips and practices from Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Executive Director, David J. Bennett and Charity Navigator president and chief executive officer,  Ken Berger in choosing organizations to support. How does your organization look under these lenses?
  • This article covers the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center’s work with people who would like to start a nonprofit.

Resource for non-profits, grant seekers: Philanthropist’s work honored at library center by Angela Mapes Turner

  • Learn about the legacy of Paul Clarke and the services of the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center. Features a picture of our staff longingly gazing at the Foundation Directory Online. It’s that good, folks. Signed up for Grant Basic I yet?

– Lettie

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