Northeast Indiana Vision 2020 | Regional Economic Summit

We recently received an invitation along with the nudging to share it with a wider audience.  After reading through the Vision for Northeast Indiana web page, we’re convinced that you, local nonprofit professionals, have a stake in this process.

Without further adieu, your invitation awaits:


Will your vision be what it takes to transform Northeast Indiana?

Join us at the Regional Economic Summit
June 23 | 6 p.m.
Grand Wayne Center | Fort Wayne


free and open to the public

You are invited to take part in the culmination of Vision 2020’s bold, outrageous six-month visioning process. The Regional Economic Summit will take place June 23 at 6 pm in downtown Fort Wayne at the Grand Wayne Center.

The summit will include community involvement and input on goals that will be used to improve Northeast Indiana as attendees use keypad technology to vote on specific strategies imperative to our region’s future. We’ll show genuine commitment to the vitality of Northeast Indiana and pride in our corner of the heartland. 

The event is free and open to the public; please send on this invitation to those throughout the region so we can all share our vision for Northeast Indiana. 

RSVP to or learn more at


For more information on Northeast Indiana Vision, check out the following links:

– Lettie

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