Mind the Generation Gap

As my time at the PCNRC comes to a sad close, I am left feeling excited and eager to see what’s to come next.  Where do the taller end of twenty-something’s go to unleash creativity and energy in the non-profit sector?  Is my limited experience seen as a drawback for being unqualified or an asset for fresh ideas?  Wherever I end up next, I wonder how my future peers will view the generation I belong to as well as the opinions and values that they may inadvertently assume come with.

365:324 Mind The Gap by seq.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s “Leading Edge” blog recently published a post by Rosetta Thurman that addresses this interesting topic.  In particular, it sheds light on the semantics of how we choose to name and brand those of the “next generation” as exactly such: next – meaning, not now.  It is easy to take this diffusive term for granted, and as we use it more and more, when does the the future become the now?

You can read the article here.

BoardSource‘s “Board Life Matters” blog furthers the discourse by tuning in on the “next” generation’s role on nonprofit boards.  The article pokes at the reasons of why presence of young people on boards is lacking (i.e. mis-perception of their commitment, recruitment occurs from a homogeneous pool).  The perspective of the younger generation is also suggested (i.e. assumption that board service is not accessible, they are unqualified).

You can read the post here.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about how younger generations are getting involved in the nonprofit sector, here are a list of local and online resources available for exploration:

You can also come check out these helpful tools from us at PCNRC:

* “Generations: the challenge of a lifetime for your nonprofit” by Peter Rickhoff is also available on CD*

Generations: The Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit


– Leslie Wong-Rutt, PCNRC Intern, 11/09-5/10

2 thoughts on “Mind the Generation Gap

  1. Service-minded young professionals (under 30) can also considering joining the Rotaract Club of Fort Wayne. Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makes them true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.

    The Fort Wayne Rotaract club is a community based club and is sponsored by the Fort Wayne Rotary Club (Club #3356).

    For more information about how to become a Rotaractor, please submit your information through http://www.fortwaynerotaract.org.


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