The Power of Collaborative Solutions:

Six Principles and Effective Tools for Building Health Communities

Tom Wolff, Ph.D., a community psychologist “committed to issues of social justice and building healthy communities through collaborative solutions” writes from the authority of a nationally recognized community collaboration consultant.

Wolff’s text begins with an observation on how the sector works now, how collaboration would improve upon that and potential next steps. The six principles include:

  1. Encourage True Collaboration in the Form of Exchange
  2. Engage the Full Diversity of the Community, Especially Those Most Directly Affected
  3. Practice Democracy and Promote Active Citizenship and Empowerment
  4. Employ an Ecological Approach that Employs Community Strengths
  5. Take Action by Addressing Issues of Social Change and Power on the Basis of a Common Vision
  6. Engage Spirituality as Your Compass for Social Change

Following a chapter introducing each principle, whole chapters are devoted to providing more detail. Other resources from the text include:

  • “Community Stories” that underscore the principles
  • Tools that you can use, available as premium website content via a password and web address found on the back jacket
  • An Appendix devoted to Evaluation, or measuring success
  • Extensive references

Click on the book to go to the Allen County Public Library Catalog where you can place it on hold.

– Lettie

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