The Consent Agenda

What’s a “Consent Agenda” and how will it make your board meetings run more efficiently?

The beginning of most board meetings start out with several standard agenda  items such as: approval of minutes, final approval of prior reports, matters involving committee appointments and correspondence requiring no action.  All noncontroversial items.  All ideal for the “Consent Agenda”.

To begin using a “Consent Agenda” in your organization start a conversation with the board chair or executive director (depending on which position you hold) about how its’ implementation will make good use of board members time by expediating mundane and noncontroversial actions and allow more meeting time for important discussion.

There are items that shouldn’t be put on a Consent Agenda, such as approval of an audit or major executive committee decisions.  And of course any item a board member requests to be taken off for further discussion.

Consent Agenda

For a quick overview of the Consent Agenda look at our slideshow and find more details at:

– Marilynn

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