In Video: The Consent Agenda

Click on the video below to get a sneak peek on a typical wacky day at the PCNRC…

So, what is a consent agenda, anyway?

The consent agenda is a written set of items requiring board action and decision, but not discussion or debate at the time of the meeting.

When provided to the board before the meeting, members are expected to review the items well enough to vote or make a decision without discussion.  Thus, more time is prioritized for the issues at hand during the meeting.

Issues that may be included in a consent agenda are:

  • Minutes
  • Reports that the board has been dealing with for some time and all members are familiar with the implications
  • Appointments to committees
  • Staff appointments requiring board confirmation
  • Reports provided for information only

For a quick overview of what a consent agenda is, BoardSource is a great starting point for comprehensive information.  They also provide a 9 page guide that includes helpful tips, step-by-step instructions, and a sample agenda to look at.

Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations BoardSource also has many book publications.  The PCNRC holds many so come on down and take a look at them!  “Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations” is an example of a publication that focuses on the best standards to work by when setting up board meetings.

Click here to register for the 23@4 class on Consent Agendas.  Or visit the “Our Calendar” link on the right sidebar of this page to see all our upcoming events!

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