In Video: The Message

Click on the video below to hear Leslie’s message on messages!

In a recent survey conducted by Nancy Schwarz, 84% of Nonprofits feel that their message is connecting with their target audience only “somewhat” or “not at all”.  This is an alarming response that illuminates the need for nonprofits to invest more into strategic messaging.  Results from surveys such as this should remind nonprofits of the seriousness in conveying a message that is relevant, engaging, and also, consistent.

This, of course, can only be done if everybody in the organization is on the same page, understanding the message in the same way in order to promote it effectively. Thus, the message should be simple and inspiring enough to remember easily.  Just as the audience should not have to work to decipher the meaning of a message, the organization should not have to speak in hesitance when asked to express it. Below is a list of resources on conveying an effective message and the strategies that can be implemented to do so…

The Philanthropy Journal put out an interesting article by Sharon Fenster titled, “Writing pitches with punch,” recently on how to package a pitch and execute a story. Nonprofits can benefit from the simple yet relevant steps that the article suggests.

In “Message Matters: Succeeding at the Crossroads of Mission and Market,” the importance of a powerful and relevant message is looked at through the eyes of a nonprofit organization.  This insightful book addresses the need to critically assess how important it is to integrate both mission and strategy into an organization’s message, and also, the invaluable results of an effective message.  Nonprofits will receive advice on many topics such as effectively defining target audiences and ensuring message clarity.  The book is fueled by the author’s many years of personal accounts and case studies while working in communications with organizations.

In “Strategic Communications for Nonprofit Organizations,”nonprofits will gain a sense of support and guidance as to how to create engaging messaging techniques.  The book offers a comprehensive, step-by-step method to aid in areas such as media relations, self-assessment, trends in technology, and crisis handling.  An excellent tool for any nonprofit.

– Leslie.

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