Free in February! WildApricot’s List of Nonprofit Webinars from around the Web

What have you been asking yourself about your organization? Scroll this list for free online webinars that match your needs:  Wild Apricot’s 24+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits – February 2010

Sara P., Librarian attending a webinar
Sara Patalita, ACPL librarian, learning online.

Never attended a webinar?

The price is right to try this valuable learning medium! No time like the present to block out an hour for engaged learning.

Skim this handful of webinar tips we’ve learned and add your thoughts on online learning in the comments to this post.

Tips for Learning with Webinars:

  • Allow 10 minutes to log in and get your settings right as tech compatibility can vary. Silently complete small tasks while you wait for others, or use this time to jot out your thoughts on the topic at hand.
  • Look into the organization’s information on the topic beforehand. They may have an outline, or you may be able to create your own to keep you focused and prompt your questions.
  • Find the mute button if you’re listening via phone. While you may be prompted for verbal feedback, you won’t want your lunch crunching and “Aha!” or “Oh something else!” moments to inhibit learning for others.
  • Sometimes headphones work just as well as the phone, but if  participation by phone is an option, the audio generally gets better support. This varies with the technology of the webinar, but streaming audio doesn’t always seem to match up. Be prepared to use either.
  • Take notes. Webinars can be challenging for audience participation and you may need to keep yourself engaged. Take thorough notes; write down questions, points that answer your needs, or  thoughts for further investigation; or in general, do what you need to do to keep yourself from blocking out the information. We’ve become experts at the latter and it takes energy to turn off our filters and activate the learning part of our brains.
  • Shut the door, if you can. I’ve had bosses, and co-workers ask for my help during critical parts of webinars. They simply had no idea that I wasn’t just rocking out at my desk with my headphones and a powerpoint, plus, I was caught off guard by their sudden presence in my cubicle. I’ll try to attend webinars in an office with a door in the future.
  • Is your webinar recorded? Knowing that you can return to it helps you keep up if a speaker is moving quickly, if a point is subtle enough to merit going back to, or if a topic is full of good information.

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