The Foundation Center’s Newest Initiative:

Late last week the Foundation Center, backed by a handful of partners launched

Glasspockets is intended to recognize foundations who are taking the lead in becoming more transparent while encouraging others to do the same.

Any foundation that is debating about whether to create a searchable grants database, initiate a grantee feedback mechanism, or get its feet wet with social media will, on Glasspockets, find plenty of peer foundations with whom they can consult about how to build greater transparency. – Brad Smith on PhilanTopic post Foundations Need to Be More Transparent

We haven’t had much time to use the resource, but as a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, we’re excited to see how it becomes another tool in your toolbox. Here are some highlights:

  • Foundation Transparency 2.0 lists online communications for the 100 largest foundations, including Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, grants databases and so on. Check out the list and tell us how it helps you.
  • Facts about Philanthropy pulls together some longstanding Foundation Center data in a viewer friendly format.
  • Philanthropy at Work directs viewers to a list of “web portals tracking the news, grants, commentary, and case studies initiated or funded by grantmaking institutions in select subject areas” including: The Economic Crisis; Arts Education and Poverty Funding; and more.
  • Also on the Philanthropy at Work page, don’t miss the pubhub reports and the search widget at the bottom. Often funded by Private Foundations, these reports support our work in myriad ways.

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