February 9: How Your Org Can Become a Green City Business

The next Green City Business training will take place on February 9, 2010 from 12:15 – 4:30. Follow the links for additional information and for registration.

Training is free.

Contact Julia Gorrell at (260) 427-6059 or Julia.Gorrell@cityoffortwayne.org for additional information.

What is the Business Program?

The City of Fort Wayne, through its energy and environmental services department, now offers the Green City Business Program for businesses and nonprofits. The program kicks off with introductory training three times a year. Your next chance to get started is at February 9th’s training session.

Register HERE for the February 9 Green City Business Training Session

The Green City Business program is voluntary and non-regulatory and participation results in public recognition for many of the efficiency and waste-reduction steps you have already taken. Targets include Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Reduction, Energy Conservation, and Water Conservation, all of which will save money in the long term.

Julia Gorrell, with the Green City Business explains that many groups find that their organizations are already doing quite a bit of the checklist options for certification. With the Green City Business program, learn a few more tricks and be publicly recognized for the efficiency work you do.

Read more at the City of Fort Wayne’s Green City Business site.

See a sample of the resources available through the Green City Business Forum FAQs

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