Is Social Media Burning You Out?

With the rapid emergence of social media in the nonprofit world, it is no wonder that many organizations are feeling overwhelmed and drained from the constant updating and pressure to stay connected.

Here are some helpful tips on how to cope with social media burnout from the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 blog:

1. Don’t update your organization’s profiles on the weekend.

2. Make time to connect with friends… in person or over the phone!

3. Make sure your work is appreciated by the higher ups in your organization.

There is no doubt that social media is launching an innovative vehicle for access and relationship building for your organization and those that you serve.  Please remember to take care of yourself so that your work may remain mission focused!

**Click here for the full post and more ideas on coping with social media burnout.

Keeping up with Social media got you feeling a little distracted, too?Brain scientists have been looking into the attention span at it relates to technology.

Don’t miss a recent “Brain in the News” featured article, “Attention Loss Feared as High-Tech Rewires Brain,” as printed in Chicago’s Daily Herald.

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