Tips for Writing a Letter of Inquiry

The ultimate goal of a Letter of Inquiry is to get an invitation to submit the full proposal. Along with basic advice such as follow guidelines and proofreading, Grant Gopher offers these tips:

  • Be sure that your LOI clearly communicates what your program “does”. It may be clear to you, but put yourself in the reader’s position. Can they quickly and clearly see the benefit of your program? Additionally, does it match the funder’s area of interest? For best results with this tip, have a friend read the LOI and see if it makes sense to him/her.
  • Use clear, concise writing paired with action-oriented verbs. For example, “Starving animals are rounded up and treated by the ABC Shelter.” can be reworded to “We rescue 100 starving dogs every month and provide food, shelter, and emergency veterinary care in our kennel facility.”
  • Keep your letter concise and break up your program narrative into clear paragraphs. Nobody wants to read a never-ending block of text.

Please click here for source.

Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center

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