Notes from Our YouTube for Nonprofits Program

We’d like to thank Melissa Kiser for walking us through the steps to creating and uploading video podcasts to YouTube!  Our participants were engaged and actively learning. Many thanks for all of you who braved the cold to attend.

See what we made! As part of the learning process, our intern, Leslie, was filmed by Melissa. Participants watched and asked questions as video clips were edited in Windows Movie Maker and posted on the Allen County Public Library’s Channel.

Learn more about YouTube for Nonprofits with these online resources:Read Michael Hoffman on Why Nonprofits should be on YouTube as a guest blogger for Beth Kanter. Watch his hour long webinar for details on harnessing the options YouTube exclusively offers Nonprofits at the link.

YouTube’s Nonprofit Help Pages

1. Sign up for the YouTube Nonprofit Program:

2. Setting Up Your Nonprofit Channel on YouTube

Get more on the following strategies from “Building Your YouTube Presence.”  Learn the steps to:

Customize Your Channel

  • Design Your Channel
  • Add Banners and URLs
  • Choose Your Top Video
  • Get Donations Flowing

Develop Compelling Content

  • Direct Dialogue
  • Call to Action
  • Tell Serial Stories
  • Respond to Current Events
  • Use Endorsements

Network and Distribute

  • Engage and Interact
  • Make Web Traffic a Two-Lane Road
  • Tag and Title
  • Embed
  • Click “Subscribe”

See Examples of Nonprofit YouTube Channels and Videos
See National and International Nonprofit channels with clear branding, lots of viewer feedback, lots of content, use of annotations and current, updated pages.

Note: These examples are long established channels that offer highly produced materials. Watch them for technique.

Use of Banner for Holiday appeal: Invisible Children Inc
Amnesty International
March of Dimes

Local Nonprofit YouTube Channels:

Does your Nonprofit have a YouTube Channel? Leave the link in the comments below!

Stay tuned for upcoming social networking program information. If you have specific questions or needs, make a request at

4 thoughts on “Notes from Our YouTube for Nonprofits Program

  1. More helpful tips from Melissa!

    1. Remember the “rule of thirds”: Your speaker should be located to the side of the frame. This allows for background images to be seen as well as leaving space for captions to be edited in. But her/his face should always be vertically center. Think about situating the person’s face on a tic-tac-toe board.

    2. Get uncomfortably close: Let the camera into your personal space! A face is much more expressive and engaging when up close. Plus, this limits any other visual or audio distractions.

    3. Keep it short and casual: Nobody likes to listen to a long boring speech ;). Part of the appeal of videos is seeing someone who you can relate to and feel connected with. Talk like how you would with a friend. Also, keep in mind that nowadays, people’s attention spans run short, so try to keep your videos no longer than 3 minutes.

    Feel free to post a comment if you want to share tips of your own!

    Keep it rolling!
    – The folks at PCNRC.


    • Thank you so much, Beth, for all of your hard work in social media for nonprofits! You are our favorite reference answer to all questions nonprofit social media. Your work reaches so, so many and we’re so very happy to hear from you!

      Happy Social Media in 2010~! We can’t wait to learn more:)


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