IRS Video Support for the New 990

The IRS offers a new series of seven online videos about the 990 redesign. See the full list here.

The videos run from 5-10 minutes and are based on a Case Study called The New Form 990 Getting Started. It is recommended that you read through the Case study, and consider printing out for reference while watching the instructional videos. See the Case Study here.

The following topics are directly from the IRS link, where you’ll find more information:

This video is a good place to start for people who have questions about the redesigned Form 990.

Program Services, Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance
This video focuses on Part III, which allows an organization to “tell its story” and describe its program services, and Part V, which covers other IRS filings and areas of tax compliance.

In this segment , we’ll focus on Form 990 compensation reporting in Part VII. We’ll explain who needs to be listed in Part VII and explain the three types of compensation to report. We’ll also highlight Schedule J, the compensation continuation schedule.

In this segment, we’ll describe how to complete Part VI of the redesigned Form 990, which requests information about the organization’s governing body, management, policies and procedures, and disclosure practices.


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