Celebrate Thank a Youth Worker Day this Thursday, November 5

Thank a Youth Worker Day Ribbon image

According to the National Collaboration for Youth, a youth worker is an individual who works with or on behalf of youth to:

  • facilitate their personal, social, and educational development and
  • enable them to gain a voice, influence, and place in society as they make the transition from dependence to independence.

Sadly their work is so deeply embedded in the community that it can go unnoticed.

You can change that!

On November 5, 2009, communities, organizations, and caring people around the globe will join together for a day of celebrating and honoring youth workers called Thank a Youth Worker Day.

According to Jen McKinney, Fort Wayne youth worker and co-chair of the Thank a Youth Worker Day Committee, “Everyone can point to a youth worker who had an impact in their life.  Let’s thank those who mentor our youth and celebrate their contributions to our communities.”

Join the celebration by bringing Thank a Youth Worker Day to your area.  Find tools and information at www.thankayouthworkerday.org.

And please consider taking a moment to call, write, or personally give a word of thanks to youth workers you know who are such invaluable assets to our society.  Our youth workers will thank you for it, and so will our children!

One thought on “Celebrate Thank a Youth Worker Day this Thursday, November 5

  1. I would like to thank my son and the youth workers who really love what they do with 2daugthers of his own he works with disabled high school teens he also teach music lessons he was over a after school program ,youth minister ,plays for youth choir he heads a summer camp every year he goes out funding to take a groups of youth to basketball & baseball games he mentor kids one on one . Thanks Jamar for for all you do in the life of every youth you mentor I’m proud to call you my son and proud of every youth worker nation wide!!!!


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