Notes from Video Podcasting for Nonprofits by Melissa Kiser

The Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center welcomed Melissa Kiser, Allen County Public Library’s Technology Librarian for our Video Podcasting for Nonprofits class this morning.

PCNRC Video WorkshopA full house was in attendance and actively engaged by Melissa, who presented tips and tricks on Video Podcasting for Nonprofits based on her work as ACPL’s “What’s Happening?” podcaster and her presentations for the American Library Association and more.

The major themes of Melissa’s presentation included:

  • Consider how your organization is a part of a larger community
  • Recognize & Act as if your mission is vital to your community because it is.
  • Know your community. We discussed Twitter as a tool for listening, in addition to traditional news sources, blogs, and other social media.
  • Social Media can make a microcelebrity out of your organization – meaning while it will be the podcaster’s face that folks get attached to, online videos should ultimately reflect on the organization.
  • Melissa recently learned and shared these six components of effective storytelling:
  1. Passion. Stories are best received when told by a passionate, authentic, compelling voice.
  2. HERO. Every good story has a hero. Nonprofits should look at how they can make potential donors the hero.
  3. Conflict. We have to understand what’s at stake.
  4. Awareness. An AHA! moment needs to be played out.
  5. Transformation. All good narratives follow their characters through change.
  6. Call to Action. Whether a donate now button or a link to register, give your people something to act on to become engaged listeners.

We concluded Melissa’s presentation with a lively Q & A covering things like the technical equipment needed to shoot video (not much, though audio is important) and how much time it takes to plan, organize, shoot and edit ACPL’s “What’s Happening?” videos (4 hours).

Some further resources came up, including:

See “YouTube for Nonprofits” by Michael Hoffman of See3 Communications here. The only paper handout for this class incorporated Lettie’s notes from this session. View it yourself , or with a handful of staff and volunteers, for more information.

Learn more about, including their channels feature here.

TechSoup offers a Flip video bundle for $175. See that here.

For concerns about the personal/professional balance: National Public Radio’s Social Media Guidelines are here.

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