Flickr for Nonprofits Class Resources

Sara Patalita, ACPL General Reference Librarian, led our Social Networking is Social class on Flickr on Tuesday 9/8 at noon.

Sara taught us Flickr 101 for Nonprofits
Sara taught Flickr 101 for Nonprofits

Sara walked us through Flickr functions with thoughtful tips for setting up accounts and working with our supporters. She answered specific questions attendees had about using Flickr and provided a basic handout to guide new users.

  • Download Sara’s handout as an Adobe PDF HERE

Online Photo Sharing & Flickr Resources

WeAreMedia’s Social Networking Toolbox for Online Photosharing

  • Includes info about other photo sharing tools (Picasa, etc.)
  • Flickr bootcamp

Beth Kanter’s Blog on Flickr

Flickr and Nonprofits Primer from Beth Kanter

Couldn’t attend? Curious about why a nonprofit would use Flickr? Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words

  • Visual Storytelling: Post pictures to show donors how their funds are used
  • Invite participation from your fans
  • Over time, you end up with an image bank for all of your volunteers and staff to store and retrieve photos
  • Search the Creative Commons for free images to use as clip art for presentations, websites, print & more. Learn more about Creative Commons:
  • Link back to Flickr from Facebook or Blog selectively or synchronized
  • Feature pets or key activities
  • Flickr pics can be made into promotional materials like cards & more
  • Geotags allow you to place pics on a map


Flickr for Good Terms of Service Information for Nonprofits

This text was copied and pasted from a forum post on Flickr. To read the conversation, visit the original post here.

Zack Sheppard, Flickr Staff, says:

First, as has been noted in this thread, Flickr for Good accounts are meant for individuals. That is part of why they are given only in packs of 2 or 5 accounts so they can be bought and given to individuals in that organization.

Regarding the name, as Tara notes in her post a few months ago, if you are the recipient of one of these accounts it would be better if you identify yourself as someone affiliated with the organization. We do treat these accounts the same as any other account on Flickr and just like any other account on Flickr, you can call it whatever you want (except for a few exceptions like being abusive to others).

What is more important is that you are using the account as intended and following the [Terms of Service] and Community Guidelines. The account should belong to an individual, if you leave that org, it would leave with you.

… Flickr accounts are for personal use and if held by an individual who works for a company, the individual still holds the account.

Additionally, the Commons is a limited pilot program in which cultural institutions who hold public works that are designated “no known restrictions” make those photos available to the world. Sponsored groups are created for advertisers as a respectable way for sponsors to engage with the Flickr community.

So … , if you are working with a non-profit and they would like to use the Flickr for Good program to get some accounts and give them to individuals in their organization so those individual people can upload their own work, that reflects what they organization is doing, this might be the right program for them. It is best if the name of the account reflects that this is an individual’s work. If the org is looking for a place to simply house images, this probably isn’t the right place.

Read the conversation here.

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