Social Networking is Social: Twitter

Link to WeAreMedia Micro Media Tool Box
Link to WeAreMedia Micro Media Tool Box

We met at noon today in our computer classroom and discussed Twitter for nonprofits. We walked through the sign up process, basic definitions and looked at a few Twitter pages. Attendees brainstormed how a nonprofit could Tweet their mission by building relationships, messaging, listening and relaying good information.

You can follow us @PCNRC on Twitter & watch our tweets update at the bottom right of this blog.

In lieu of creating a Twitter Powerpoint, we used the Social Media Toolbox for Micro Media from and opted for an open discussion format.

Click on the We Are Media image above to access a set of useful Twitter links for Nonprofits, including:

See also:

ACPL Books featured in Class: Click to place your holds today!

Twitter; Mobilizing Generation 2.0; Ben Rigby; Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission; NTEN; Holly Ross; Katrin Verclas; Alison Levine; People to People Fundraising; Ted Hart; James Greenfield; Sheeraz Haji Web 2.0

Did you attend class? What was your most tweetable insight?

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