Social Networking is Social at the PCNRC

August sees the launch of our new Social Networking Series! We’re getting social with Web 2.0, meaning we’ll bring real life people together to tackle the latest innovations for nonprofit good doing.

What you can expect:

  • Topical Web 2.0 discussions (i.e. blogs and blogging or Facebook)
  • Lunch hour meetings to help get you in, out and on with your day
  • Dates set for second and third Tuesdays in August and September
  • Best practices resources
  • Computer play time – if you register early
  • Social atmosphere with input from the crowd

Sign up here

Computer seating is limited to the first 18 who register. You are welcome to drop in, but you may not have a computer to play with;)

Cast your vote now on the nonprofit social networking tools we’ll cover!

True to 2.0 form, your answers will shape our schedule, so vote early and vote often!

*Please vote more than once for each topic you’d like to cover*. The poll is now open~


2 thoughts on “Social Networking is Social at the PCNRC

  1. One of our young board members helped us at Healthier Moms and Babies set up a page on Facebook, but I need some help learning how to maintain it, navigate around and the best way to handle the fans to engage them as supporters. I also don’t understand how I can contact them individually on Facebook, since it seems I can’t set up a profile as a nonprofit, or if I should even try. What is nonprofit protocal on Facebook? Help!


    • Hi Sally!

      We will definitely cover resources that offer guidance on nonprofit best practices for Facebook! Questions like these will give the whole class a learning opportunity, so I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

      If I can be of assistance in the meantime, let me know by email or phone:) or 260-421-1238~Thank you!


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