Online ARRA Resources for Nonprofits

As presented at the June 24, 2009

Nonprofit Grants Seminar, co-sponsored by U.S. Senator Bayh and the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center at the Allen County Public Library

Information for Indiana Nonprofits

from The Foundation Center’s Focus on the Economic Crisis Series

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Nonprofit Resources:

from The Foundation Center

More than ARRA information, the Foundation Center resources include interactive maps on private foundation responses to the economic crisis, news, research, resources and training. You’ll find videos, webinars, interview podcasts, commentary, pdf’s and more.

from the National Council of Nonprofits

A collection of online resources for dealing with the economic crisis, including reports and data on the impact for nonprofits as well as action steps and training resources.

An evolving collection of 7 special reports analyzing the stimulus package created and made widely available for the National Council for Nonprofits. Reports include: Nonprofit Grant Opportunities, Stimulus Tips and Thoughts, Sources of Information Regarding Stimulus Funds, and Information about the Proposed Changes in Charitable Deductions and more.

from Fieldstone Alliance

From Fieldstone Alliance, this issue of their Tools You Can Use newsletter is devoted to ARRA information and further funding resources.

General Nonprofit Funding Resources

from the Michigan Nonprofit Association:

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